The Galgos from Spain for homing in the UK

Galgos (breed name galgo español) are Spanish bred greyhounds used widely by hunters in the rural areas of Spain, for coursing the hare with betting but the season is only 4 months after which time they are abandoned or brutally killed. Many have not been handled kindly, some have suffered victimisation in overcrowded shelters in Spain, making them wary of other dogs, and some need gentle socialisation and a lot of reassurance that they are never going to be hungry or hurt again. They were rescued in the first place by volunteers who themselves suffer the hostility of their own countrymen for showing such concern and care.

All the galgos we bring to the UK are sterilised, micro chipped and have been tested and found clear of Mediterranean diseases before they come to the UK.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in offering a home to a galgo please :-

· Contact us on 01784 483206 to ask for a homing pack or view the pack on line

· Complete and send the questionnaire in the pack to us at Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE, or email it to our homing officer

The questionnaire is also available separately – please view the homing questionnaire

· We will then get in touch to chat more with you and arrange a home visit and try to match the right dog to the right home.

Please note that we aim to keep our website as up to date as possible regarding dogs reserved/adopted but this can change quickly so please ring us or email for the latest position. Thank you.

Galgos for Adoption:

We are currently finalising our next group of galgos for homing in the UK and their photos and details will be on our website soon.

Can you offer a home to Sofia or Allegro?

We have taken in two Greyhound crosses from Romania and are looking for homes for them. They came to the UK a few months ago and are at kennels near to our office.

They look very alike as they have the same markings. We initially thought it would be nice to home them together but feel now, as we’ve got to know them a bit more, that they can be homed separately.

Sofia is approx. 1 year old, very lively and always wants to play! She was found on the streets in Romania. She walks quite well on the lead - always looking around at everything. She needs a home where someone can spend tine with her and take her for nice walks to use up some of her energy.

Allegro is a lovely dog, not too big. His passport says he is 2 years old but he seems a bit older, maybe 4 years old. He walks quite well on a lead and loves to lean on you as you walk along.

If you feel you can offer a home to Sofia or Allegro please call us on 01784 483206 or email


Sofia - Pictures by and (c) Liz Coleman
Allegro - Pictures by and (c) Liz Coleman


These are our recently adopted galgos:






Sibella, ADOPTED



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